say hello to cloth diapers

Cloth diapering has certainly changed since your mother was using them. Cloth diapers are better for the enviroment, your wallet, and your baby's bum.

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Some of the benefits of making the switch

Benefit 1

The environment will thank you. Disposable diapers take anywhere from 300 to 500 years to decompose.

Benefit 2

Your wallet will thank you. Disposable diapers cost around one thousand per year. Cloth diapers can last until potty training

Benefit 3

Your baby's butt will thank you. Some disposable diapers contain ingredients such as pesticides, fragrances, and dioxins.

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Buffalo Butts is a 100% in-stock diaper company. No pre-orders. Ever.

Alittle about the owner. KayLee had her first baby in 2021 and like most mothers she wanted the best for her baby, which included cloth diapering. After trying many different brands of cloth diapers she couldn't seem to find ones that fit her chunky baby and had unique cute prints. That is what inspired her to create Buffalo Butts.

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